Wikipedia’s Larry Sanger Joins Blockchain Startup to damage his own creation

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well, I need not tell you what is Wikipedia, we all know what it is. Now it is the time to announce you that the co-founder Larry Sanger has joined the venture-backed the startup firm Everipedia as Chief Informative Officer (CIO) in his bid to do disrupt the company that helped to establish. Dr. Sanger is also an outspoken critic of Wikipedia, by claiming that he does not like what exactly the online encyclopedia has become.

Dr.Sanger discussed the reasons why he has decided o become an official of Everipedia, he considers it as the next evolution of online encyclopedias. He described that the current issue challenging online information is that it is centralized and controlled by few players and they are about to change it.

Larry Said:

“The biggest problem with online information today is that it is centralized and controlled by very few players, that it benefits to have the most salacious and hype-ridden information. We can do much better.”

Decentralized Encyclopedia

Depending on the unpublished draft of Everipedia’s white paper, the company uses Blockchain technology to set up enhanced Wikipedia. The initiative covers the entire process of approving articles, editing and storing information for the Blockchain-based EOS Smart Contracting platform.

The Everipedia team claims that it will create a truly censorship-proof system by using the platform to record editing and store articles. The organization said it would encourage contributors with digital currency to set up a platform for more realistic information.

Everipedia co-founder and white paper co-author Sam Kazemian, the incentive model is similar to the miners in bitcoin mining.

Sam Quoted:

“Just like miners who find blocks get newly minted Bitcoin, these editors who are voted to have a very good state-change proposal get newly minted tokens.”

Including the EOS platform, the organization will also use the decentralized server model called as Interplanetary File System (IPFS) for heavy data files such s videos and images with storage facility.