Walmart Seeks Blockchain Tech for Autonomous Delivery Drone

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Retail giant Walmart latest patent application has showcased how they are examining blockchain and new filling points to a focus on automated drone delivery.

The application was issued on 30th August, describing a system by which “autonomous electronic devices” communicate with each other remotely and pass transported items to each other following an identification process.

After one drone goes to a particular spot where another one located, they exchange verification signals utilizing ‘blockchain keys’ and if the first robot successfully identifies its ‘co-worker,’ it passes the package. Drones would depend on the database of delivery data stored on whichever blockchain the organization is operating.

As per the Patent filling, to recognize each other, robots can utilize a variety of means to send signals from one to the another including QR codes or ultrasound, RFID codes. Moreover, each of the delivery robots can be kitted out unique features to easily distinguished by other drones.

As per the filing, the implementation of automated drones is viewed as a means to decrease the times at which elements of the delivery process have to be ‘trusted.’ Certainly, Walmart contends that the facts that customers would have to trust the delivery of their goods to fly machines “increases challenges related to security” and needs a reliable system of identification for the drones.

The blockchain system explained in the filing includes, “a plurality of nodes configured to generate computational proof of record integrity and the chronological order of its use for content, trade, and/or as a currency of exchange through a peer-to-peer network.”

The document says, and each node works on finding a difficult proof-of-work for its bloc. Smart contracts further can be built into this framework, as per Walmart’s team.

Nishanth Shetty

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