US Secretary Appointed Blockchain Tech R3 to TFAC

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A spokesperson from the leading blockchain firm tech R3 has been appointed by the US Secretary to the Trade Finance Advisory Council (TFAC).

Alisa DiCaprio will be a member of TFAC, who is the head of a supply chain at R3. She will be a part of 20 other newly appointed leaders in commercial banking, finance, and trading which includes representatives of from Standard Chartered, Mastercard, First American Bank, and City National Bank.

R3 is a well-known organization with 300 members and partners all across the globe with multiple industries which help in developing Corda, an open-source blockchain platform, and Corda Enterprise, an industrial version of enterprise usage, which assist to build a commerce network which manages, records, and also executes institutions.


A Corda Settler of R3, that supports XRP, is testing of digital assets in its blockchain pilot, that includes 50 banks, for the attempt to increase improve settlement speeds, increase liquidity, reduce costs, and digitalize money moving all across the globe. They have also partnered with Swift, a global financial messaging system, to analyze blockchain unification.

TFAC will act as advisors to the Secretary of Commerce, which will make the policy and technical approval to progress financing benefits for US exporters.