US Lawmakers Seek Blockchain Pilot to Combat Fungal Disease

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A group of U.S. lawmakers has suggested the creation of blockchain pilot as part of a more extensive effort to fight infectious fungal diseases.

The proposed legislation came out of the Congressional Valley Fever Task Force, with the bill being presented by the task force co-chairs David Schweikert and Kevin McCarthy as well as Reps. Karen Bass, Kyrsten Sinema, and Martha McSally. The bipartisan bill is intended at advancing research and treatments around coccidioidomycosis – commonly known as valley fever – among other endemic fungal diseases.

Part of the FORWARD Act, the measure calls for a blockchain pilot aimed at enhancing how medical practitioners can share information. The idea is that by increasing the speed at which data is transferred, doctors are better equipped to handle potentially life or death situations involving infectious diseases.

David Schweikert stated in a statement:

“Our design for accumulating critical clinical data, while protecting patient privacy through the use of blockchain, should become the future of medical research.”

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Valley Fever is a lung infection caused by a fungus living in the soil. Around 10,000 cases are reported in the U.S. every year, and most of them originate from California and Arizona.

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