UK Government Conducts Pilot to store Digital Evidence on a Blockchain

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The initiative was disclosed in an announcement by the Head of Digital Architecture and Cyber Security at Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) under the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Balaji Anbil.

In the declaration, Mr. Balaji Anbil stated that the HMCTS will look into distributed ledger technology for making a major part of the body’s court reformation plan. The UK Cabinet Office Open Innovation team and HMCTS held a joint meeting recently. The purpose of the meeting was to establish how blockchain technology and digital ledger can help court reforms.

Giving technical expertise at the meeting was Dr. Sadek Ferdous, Technology Policy Fellow, and Research Associate at Imperial College, London. He described to participants that the decentralized nature of distributed ledger provides them a very high level of integrity and allows innovative data solutions.

He continued stating that how blockchains can assist in digital evidence management by creating a secure audit trail that tracks custody and blocks tempering. This audit trail forms that basis for the court’s system’s record of the creation, modification, and access to digital evidence by what entity.

In the blog, Mr. Balaji Anbil unveiled that researchers at the University of Surrey are working on a DLT project with National Archives to develop a solution for reliable digital archive storage. Besides, there is a plan to trail an inter-agency evidence sharing platform based on a blockchain technology that will come into force later in 2018.

Mr. Balaji Anbil showed his excitement about the government’s interest in blockchain tech.

He stated:

“We are very thrilled to work with the Open Innovation team at the Cabinet Office, and to host thought leadership events on emerging technologies with our colleagues within the government digital communities.”

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