Tunisia Internet Agency to Collaborate with Russian Blockchain Platform

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As per the press release, the Tunisia Internet Agency (ATI) is going to partner with the Russian blockchain platform Universa.

Established in 1996, the Tunisia Internet Agency (ATI) is a governmental body run by the Ministry of Communications with an aim to provide internet usage in the nation.

According to the press release, the ATI has signed a 10-year renewable strategy partnership with Universa blockchain platform to provide hosting services for the platform and facilitates its further development. The agreement sets up a range of goals, wherein the ATI will develop value-added services in the digital economy, blockchain field, and digitization of paperwork.

The Universa platform will develop additional applications and services and integrate them into new technological platforms and initiative like the digital economy and e-certification. The two parties will further build joint projects in the field of blockchain as a service (BaaS), which includes cryptocurrency, digital identity, as well as smart cities and e-governance.

Prior this December, Saudi Arabian institution the Islamic Development Bank Group (IsDB) collaborated with Tunisian startup iFinTech Solutions to develop interbank blockchain tools. The impetus behind implementing blockchain technology for the initiative rests in the relative disadvantage Islamic banks have on the global stage, with institutions restrained from funding options given by international central banks.

Earlier in October, experts with links to the World Bank Group presented options for implementing blockchain tech in e-government procurement. The document reads, “Though the implementation of e-GP (business-to-government) systems have contributed to improved efficiency and transparency in Government Procurement, there is potential for further advancement of the existing systems.”