The University of Bahrain to Start Diploma Course on Blockchain

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According to local media Trade Arabia reports, the University of Bahrain will introduce diplomas on blockchain technology.

As per the article mentioned above, the university employs the Blockcerts open standard in collaboration with Learning Machine, a startup providing a system to publish verifiable official records using a blockchain-anchored format.

As reported earlier, the government of Bahrain has stressed the importance of blockchain tech for the nation’s economy while urging cybersecurity vigilance. Bahrain’s minister of electricity and water affairs, Mr. Abdulhussain Mirza, declared:

“Blockchain’s capacity to protect user’s data is a true mark of progress, mainly because it can be applied in different firms from different industries including cybersecurity.”

Trade Arabia publishes today that the university’s blockchain initiative is part of an overall digitization strategy for mobile learners.

In October 2017, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) introduced blockchain-based digital certificates to around 100 graduates who were part of a pilot program.

In a dedicated analysis on the project reports how MIT has begun to issue diplomas on the Bitcoin blockchain through its Blockcerts platform to distribute academic credential while assuring tamper-resistance and immutability.

The Blockcerts development team described:

“Blockcerts provides a decentralized credentialing system. The Bitcoin blockchain works as the provider of trust, and credentials are tamper-resistant and verifiable. Blockcerts can be employed in the context of professional, academic, and workforce credentialing.”