Teenage Bitcoin investor turned into a Millionaire now

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Lucky stories made in Bitcoin are numerous, but every now and then a unique and lovable story captures many hearts – and is envious of the green.

Enter Eddy Zillan, who spent most of his cryptocurrency money paying for his bar mitzvah.

According to  The Telegraph, young investor entered the market at the age of 16 years of age. His business hobby playing with the starting $ 1,000 was enhanced by $ 5,000 injection from Bar Mitzvah.

The hardworking young man was not just a bank-rolled but worked on holidays to earn more money for the investment.

“Then I’ve invested $ 6,000 again with the money I earned and saved it from summer jobs.”

Seeing some revenues about his investment, Zillan researched business world techniques as he saw his money to work. He entered the market when he was considered a self-taught businessman when there was little information about the cryptocurrency business.

He also Added:

“I completely taught myself everything about the market that was necessary and I can only attribute my success to myself. I had no mentor and learned from making mistakes and a lot of research.”

Following a long bear market in 2016, Zilan cashed out of Bitcoin and now dabbles in Ethereum. Using his wealth of knowledge on the subject, he started a cryptocurrency investment consultancy.

Same as other Crypto-made millionaires, Zilan said that he has made nearly $1 million since he started investing.

 Zilan Described:

“I have made close to a million from trades but the market is very volatile and some days I may make $150,000, but other days I may lose $100,000, so it’s very hard to give an exact dollar value on my portfolio.”

Following a long bear market in 2016, Zilan moved out of Bitcoin and now investing in Ethereum. Using his wealth of knowledge on the subject, he has also started a cryptocurrency investment consultancy which is named as Cryptocurrency Financial