Sumatra to Adapt Pilot Blockchain App for Election Purpose

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Australian Startup to Launch Blockchain App in Indonesia to allow Citizens to Vote in Elections

An Australian startup will be launching a blockchain application in Indonesia that might inevitably allow citizens to vote for elections.

The pilot project from Horizon State is expected to launch on the island of Sumatran in July, with the roll-outs relied upon to proceed till December.

The blockchain-based platform will be made accessible to locals through a mobile app and will be at first to help provide “decentralized decision making and community engagement,” as stated by Naamani.

Ultimately, the startup trusts the app might stretch out to voting to counter fraud and address local electoral challenges, and also different services.

He told:

“Through the platform, we can provide communities with tools to increase engagement and discussions. Through our partners, we can provide the constituency with additional benefits such¬† as access to financial services on a micro-level – something that’s not so easy with existing¬† banking infrastructure.”

Will Sumatran pilot demonstrate successfully; Horizon State is hoping to extend the project across the nation.

He told:

“Once this is done, I believe additional expansions into more provinces and communities will happen throughout 2019.”

Same time the Indonesian government is not included in the exert as yet, he noted that the organization might be in a position to approach the powers again an assortment for use cases, including elections, after the Sumatran roll-outs.

Naamani said:

“We’re seeing a surge of interest from organizations that want to use blockchain-based community engagement to drive progress forward.”

To the pilot, Horizon State will be partnering with cryptocurrency finance startup MCV-CAP, and also an additional partner to be affirmed in the next couple of weeks, as stated by the co-founder.

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