Sony uses Blockchain in Educational Data

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A new license from Sony highlights how the Japanese tech can be mixed by using blockchain as a part of an education platform.

In August, Sony announced that it was working with IBM to build a platform for the educational system, which will use the tech as a part to secure the students’ records and form part of a system for sharing that data between agreed-upon parties.

The application from Sony, published last week by U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), described how does that work as a practice.

The application describes:

“In this example, the [blockchain], which is a trust chain, may be used to store information such as education experiences, certificates and so on of a user. The information contains, for example, studying which courses and possessing which certificates. In addition, based on concepts of a smart contract and a smart property, knowledge may also be exchanged, transacted and transferred via the block chain as a property.”



The filing, entitled “Electronic Apparatus, Method for Electronic Apparatus and Information Processing System,” hints at other possible uses for the tech as well, also even for connecting the vehicles across a common network.

The authors of the application saying that the “Internet of Vehicle” network would visualize, enable the cars to report road conditions to one another.

Authors wrote:

“By applying the electronic apparatus of the present disclosure to a vehicle (i.e., a node), trust can be transferred between uncorrelated entities using the [blockchain] technology, and real and valid real-time road conditions information is obtained in real-time according to the consensus, In this way, decentralized real-time road conditions observation and further a navigation system may be realized.”