Sony Develops Blockchain-based Digital Rights Management System

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Japanese Tech Giant Sony has built a blockchain powered digital rights Management that may see a commercial rollout.

As per a press release, the system will help manage copyright related-information for digital content, referring educational content as a prime use case. The firm says that with content right currently being carried out manually by industry organizations or the creator, the new system is developed to make the process more efficient.

Utilizing the platform, participants will be able to share and check information like date and time of creation, and the author’s details. The firm adds, it will automatically check the right generation of a piece of written works.

Digital content like video, music, ebook, virtual reality content and more said to be backed by the new system, which is powered by a similar system developed by the conglomerate earlier. Sony states it is now thinking the possible commercialization of the system as a service.

The Japanese firm is not alien to blockchain innovation. A month ago, research by iPR Daily, a media outlet specializing in intellectual property, revealed that Sony is in the top 30 organizations for a blockchain-related patent, has documented at least 20 application. Prominently, some of those point towards the path Sony has taken with the system announced today.

As reported earlier, one of the patents filed with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office explains a concept that stores digital right data using blockchain technology. The company further filed for invention including a system to validate user information and manage education data.