Seems like youngsters’ will favor Bitcoin over Banks

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Bitcoin News:

Instead of opening traditional bank accounts,  one of the four millennials is investing in the major digital currency called Bitcoin. They earn more from their Bitcoin investments and their money is safe, according to the survey.

According to a survey conducted by BlockCapital,  70% of 10,000 youngsters have said that they do not matter with banks’ interest rates, and about 65% say they have secured their money safely in bitcoin. According to the survey, almost two-thirds of female competitors have begun to emerge from Bitcoin and invest in other digital currencies to diversify their capital.

Other highlights of the survey

As their preference of Bitcoin as a form of investment, somehow less than 50% of the millennials said that they are also looking for a more convenient form of banking and 45% stated that they want their banks to integrate Bitcoin wallets in their operations so they can directly invest in the cryptocurrencies through their existing bank accounts.

The survey estimates that most millennials invest in third-quarter real-time currencies of their savings. According to site founder Andrew Sung, survey results show that younger generations are faster than adopting new technologies than their old counterparts.