Romania’s BTCxChange to Close its Platform Next Week

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Romania’s Oldest Bitcoin Exchange is Going to Shut Down by Next Week

Romania’s oldest cryptocurrency exchange announced that its customers should withdraw all of their remaining funds from the platform which was already suspended most of its operations which includes the capacity of trading cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies such as Romanian leu at the beginning of this year.

The announcement says:

“We inform you that beginning from 1st of May 2018; our platform will be closed. Operations stopped back on 1st of February, but you still could stock your bitcoins on our platform.”

At the beginning of the year, the exchange’s chief executive, Max Nicula, told the startup’s bank accounts had been closed and it would be no longer able to process fiat trades.

It seems to be the third time that the exchange has told that it would close. In September 2016, the exchange declared it would possibly be sold, and planned for closure at the time. Meanwhile, the startup’s owner, Horea Vuscan, announced he wanted to retire, and placed the exchange up for sale.

Recently, Ripple announced that it has a problem with listing the Cryptocurrency on major exchanges.

Surrounding with its hype, Ripple also hinted that its future success adds in part on getting XRP listed on significant trading platforms. But, there is a problem when it comes to the topic since U.S officials have warned unlicensed exchanges not to contain any tokens. XRP’s control by a single firm has fed thought that it could dip below the level.

According to the reports, Ripple recently offered $1 Million cash to Gemini for a Q3 2017 listing and offered a loan of $100 million in XRP for Coinbase where investors could trade on the exchange. The report also recommends that Ripple might have proceeded the payment either through fiat currency or XRP that could help the U.S based exchange an opportunity for getting profit from the deal.

Gemini and Coinbase both failed to continue the proposals.

Spokeswoman Emmalee Kremer said:

“Regardless, Ripple has always been transparent about our focus on building and growing a strong XRP ecosystem. We want XRP to be the most liquid digital asset possible to enable faster, cheaper global payments.”

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said there is a lot of FUD about XRP.

Mr. Garlinghouse told:

“There’s a lot of FUD around all digital assets. That’s true of XRP, and that’s true of bitcoin, for sure. I am long bitcoin, personally. I am not a believer that bitcoin dies some terrible death. I don’t think it’s going to solve a payments problem. XRP is 1,000 times faster and 1,000 times cheaper than a bitcoin transaction.”