Ripple and Top Chinese University Start Blockchain Research Program

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As per a press release published on 18th Jan., a top Chinese university has started a blockchain research program with the support of Ripple.

In partnership with blockchain payments firms Ripple, the Institute for Fintech Research at Beijing’s Tsinghua University (THUIFR) has declared the Blockchain Technology Research Scholarship Program (BRSP). The program plans to bring together the best graduate students in China in 2019 to study global blockchain regulations and industry development.

Participants in the new educational program will have access to advanced knowledge in the blockchain, and well be able to take part in corporate events and visits.

Director of International Cooperation and Development at THUIFR, Ivy Gao, emphasized that the BRSP will contribute significantly to the future research and career of students in the blockchain.

Emi Yoshikawa of Ripple’s Global Ops & Partnership department said in a tweet that Ripple is “excited to work with Tsinghua University and help develop the next generation talent for blockchain in China!”

As reported earlier, Ripple collaborates with leading global universities in its University Blockchain Research Initiative, which intends to support education in the crypto and blockchain space. The company first declared the project in June 2018, stating it had invested $50 million in blockchain education at 17 universities globally.

The Tsinghua University is a top research university in Beijing and is one of China’s nine most renowned universities, known as The C9 League.

Earlier, Tsinghua University‘s Research Institute of Information Technology collaborated with a subsidiary of a Chinese institutional financial firm to set up a blockchain research center.