Revolut app have added Cryptocurrencies

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Revolut a European app which allows the users to complete their transactions with more than 25 world currencies announced that it will let the users complete their transactions in cryptocurrencies beginning this week. This has been announced at the Disrupt Berlin conference.

The app has over 1 million users and it promised to bring crypto even more into the mainstream. The application is built to let the users make purchases without even required to pay foreign transactions or currency conversion fees.

By using the cryptocurrencies, users will have access to their own wallets, and purchases that exhaust fiat accounts will automatically be filled from the crypto accounts. The app will be offering Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether support.

Crypto is this a distraction?

The move into the cryptocurrencies make it weaker when it comes to the business focus, according to the analysts, Anyhow, Nikolay Storonsky company CEO trusts that crypto is going fully mainstream, and a simple and fast way to gain exposure to the market will be met with the customer usage.

As of now, other industries have also started offering more mainstream ways to invest and participate in the cryptocurrency realm. However, the launch of a number of the future offerings made most of the investors think that crypto’s adoption future will be bright.