Predictions for Major gains of Cardano and Dogecoin

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Panelists Predict Top Currencies for 2018

Making predictions of cryptocurrencies is complicated. Many factors have to be kept in mind due to which it is rare to make accurate predictions. Recently, a group of panelists discussed the top cryptocurrencies for 2018. The “big winner” doesn’t seem to be the one you would hope.

Cryptocurrency price opinions are interesting to keep an eye. As per the panelists’ view, 2018 will be a pretty good year for Bitcoin. Its said that Bitcoin would rise to as high as  $29,533, which seems an excellent increase compared to the current rate. However, such gains are possible where cryptocurrency prices are concerned.

Not every coin will perform well although there are similar trends for most other cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency prices fluctuate along with their gains accordingly. For example, Bitcoin cash is predicted to obtain a rise at the rate of 116.41% by late December 2018. If the prediction holds true, the price will hike to $2.721. This value seems to be a surprise for the BCH supporters.

On the other hand, the panelists predict that it would be a challenging year for Ethereum considering all things. Although it is anticipated that there will be a rise of about $2,550, it is not better than Bitcoin. Both these cryptocurrencies will link to each other for some time to come.

Looking at the predicted cryptocurrency prices, It is evident that the panelists have high hopes for these two specific coins. Cardano might see a rapid rise in value, by nearly 600% by the year-end according to predictions. This would put the price of Cardano at $2.33 which seems almost impossible to achieve right now.

Ripple’s XRP is said to get a high rise. According to a prediction of $6.13 by the end of the year is supposed to go a long way as a digital asset. An increase of 541.34% is represented compared to the current price. This is estimated to be one of the boldest estimated cryptocurrency prices. , but is not entirely unfeasible.

The panelists, however, estimate Dogecoin as the highest gainer of them all. People consider Dogecoin to be a joke currency as it is never taken seriously. It is expected that Dogecoin will rise to a massive 19 cents. This is a 3000% increase over a next nine and a half months. All these predictions seem to increase curiosity although it is a big question about what will come true.

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