Opera Browser to Expand Built-in Crypto Wallet to iOS Users

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Opera web browser has announced the launch of Opera Touch for iOS, as per the official press release published on 5th March 2019. Opera Touch is a Web 3 browser with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet and support for Ethereum and interactions with decentralized applications (DApps).

Back in December 2018, Opera started its “Web 3-ready” browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet for Android user. Opera reveals the decision to extend its services to iOS as the result of the successful integration of the cryptocurrency wallet and DApp explorer for Android.

However, the launch date of Opera Touch for iOS has not been declared, the press release note that customers can sign up to test the app through its website.

On 6th February, Opera added a new service that enabled users in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway to buy Ethereum through the Android version of the browser. The service was allowed via a collaboration between brokerage firm Safello and Opera. Safello, as per Opera, is registered with the Financial Supervisory Authority in Sweden.

In July 2018, Opera declared the addition of a built-in digital currency wallet to its browser. Product manager Mr. Charles Hamel then stated that Opera was “ the first major browser to open up to Web 3.0.”

Opera is also collaborating with HTC to devise a third version of the browser, a version that will be specially created to be used in the Exodus 1, the official Opera phone.

At present, the community is waiting to know whether this new app will start to raise digital currency adoption or not. More and more firms are offering cryptocurrency and decentralized apps on their phones, so it seems like the future is crypto.