Nokia will use Blockchain to Improve Health Data Benefits

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While the technology has advanced the access to health data, the data will not hold to its potential, because of the privacy concerns regarding data authenticity.

Nokia has collaborated with OP Financial Group, Finland-based Financial services group, to use the blockchain technology for establishing the more trust in managing the health data. The aim of the project involves 100 people to provide individuals more control over their personal health data.

Blockchain Advantages

Blockchain technology can provide the control to people who share their health data with.

The blockchain ledger is maintained by parties that can be having clashing interests, which is changer from centralized services such as Google, Facebook, and Dropbox.

Under this project, any data a user wished to share is encrypted and can also be obtained by its intended participants. The owner of the data will use the Nokia Steel HR while sharing their data and providing proof of the data’s authenticity.

Users will share their data from wearable Nokia device and are rewarded for doing it as well. The participant’s daily activities will be shared through the application through creating a private record on the blockchain. OP itself rewards the users with their points based on what steps they have taken with respect to their fitness goals.

New Opportunities

The project will cast light on the possibilities for incentive models such as smart health insurance and in supporting the programs that promote healthy lifestyles.

The project organizers trust that it will be possible to give valuable guidance on the health issues and obtain useful insights through establishing user’s trust. Nokia’s blockchain platform has been designed to approach these issues.

Nokia trust its partnership with OP will have a step forwards on creating a global digital health ecosystem and also it will help the individuals and the society as well.