Mozilla Firefox Plans to Block Crypto-Jacking Malware 

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Popular web browser Firefox will soon be going to automatically block crypto mining malware as part of a broader performance-enhancing push.

The non-profit organization behind the open-source browser, the Mozilla Foundation, stated on Thursday that it plans to block trackers and other “harmful practice in an upcoming release.

Some of these features like anti-tracking function are now available in its Firefox Nightly beta version.

As per Mozilla vice president of product Nick Nguyen, the aim is to prevent third-party scripts from hindering the user experience. These scripts are usually embedded within its website and can commandeer a user’s computing power without their knowledge.

Scripts that hijack a person’s unused computer power to mine digital currencies too fall into this category.

He added:

“For instance, some trackers fingerprint users a technique that enables them to identify users by their device properties invisibly, and which users are unable to control. Other sites have deployed crypto mining scripts that silently mine digital currencies on the individual’s device. Practices like these make the web a more hostile place to be. Later versions of Firefox will prevent these practices by default.”

The firefox nightly version will be utilized to test the functionality of the new features. And if successful, users may start seeing them allowed by default in the Firefox 63 release.

Firefox joins other browser developers, including Google and opera, is trying to shield its user and malicious miners, which can slow down the user experience at best and damage their PC at worst.

Nick Nguyen said:

“Deceptive practices that secretly collect identifiable user data or degrade user experience are becoming more common.”

In January, Opera announced that it was rolling out miner protection to the smartphone version of its browser, which would further be active by default. The company already allowed cryptocurrency miner protection on its desktop version.

In the meantime, Google has banned crypto mining app from its Play store. However, it hasn’t made any official announcements regarding automatically blocking scripts embedded within websites.

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