Microsoft Releases Blockchain-based Azure Development Kit

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As per an announcement published on 15th Nov., software giant Microsoft has released a cloud-based blockchain Azure development kit.

The new product named the ‘Azure Blockchain development kit’ purportedly enhance the capabilities of Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Workbench. It includes features like off-chain identity and data, monitoring, and messaging application programming interface (API) in a format that can be implemented to develop blockchain-powered apps.

As per the blog post, the initial release will focus on three core objective, like integrating data, connecting interfaces, and systems, and deploying smart contracts and blockchain networks.

The product will purportedly allow individuals, organization, and devices to connect to a blockchain via the user interface. Microsoft states that the development kit includes voice interface and SMS, Internet of Things (IoT) device integration, bots, virtual assistants, support for mobile clients, and other related solutions.

Regarding smart contract interaction, Microsoft incorporated the Workbench integration situation into the development kit in such areas as the legacy apps and protocols, data, Software as a Service (SaaS), and registries, that create a custom registry and registry item smart contracts.

Microsoft has further introduced a whitepaper named ‘DevOps for Blockchain Smart Contracts,’ describing how to use the development kit for the blockchain-powered apps in a certain business environment.

In August this year, Azure introduced a proof-of-authority (PoA) algorithm on its Ethereum (ETH) blockchain product, that allows a ‘more efficient’ way of building a decentralized application (DApps) for private or consortium network, where ‘all consensus participants are known and reputable.’

For instance, Azure technology deployment in the commercial area is its integration into stock exchange Nasdaq Inc.’s Financial Framework (NFF) in late October. This will facilitate easier buyer and seller matching, management of delivery, and payment & settlement of transactions.