Lamassu adds Bitcoin Cash ATM support

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Bitcoin cash gains more support within the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) ecosystem after some companies have revealed that digital assets are integrated into their machine’s  software. Now, last week, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community-acquired more infrastructure advertising from ATM maker Lamassu, as the agency announced that BCH support was implemented on their machines.

Lamassu ATM manufacturer announces Bitcoin Cash Support

The digital assets have already got ATM support from the company Bitcoinplug. On November 6 the firm revealed that BCH had been combined into 21 of the company’s Los Angeles area bitcoin ATM locations. The largest ATM manufacturer worldwide for LA machines is in the midst of implementing General Bytes and BCH support.

Prague based company stated on Twitter:

“We are working on adding official support for all ATMs but want to test thoroughly before releasing. (No need to modify graphics BTW)”

With the support of Bitcoinplug and General Bytes support, Lamasu machines provide more BCH access to those who enjoy purchasing cryptos from automotive tellers. With all three companies implementing Bitcoin’s money, this means more than 1300 devices can be upgraded to support BCH transactions.