Korea’s Hyosung now Supports Bitcoin on ATMs, and will add Ethereum Soon

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Korean Hyosung, a multi-billion dollar organization involved in ATM manufacturing, has now announced that Bitcoin will offer buyout on its systems through Just Cash’s partnership.

A Missouri-based mobile company that provides mobile-based solutions for customers to earn money from ATMs, now allows any Hyosung ATM client to access Bitcoin.

Although the official statements about the inspiration for this mode are not visible, ATM matching upgrade is already available.


Bitcoin purchases would generate a paper receipt with a public and private key, accessible with funding by scanning the QR code.

In the future, Just Cash will include Bitcoin sales, as well as supporting other cryptocurrencies, in the first line with the ethereum.


Bitcoin ATMs are bold and fast developed this year, with a spotlight on the US where Many of them are still in the market at the beginning of their journey.