Intel Thinks Blockchain Could Potentially Power a Next-Gen Media Rights Manager

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Blockchain Could Influence a Next-Gen Media Rights Manager, Says Intel

Intel is consolidating the growing list of enterprise organizations that see blockchain as an approach to reconsider digital rights management.

In a patent application released 8th March by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Silicon Valley tech organization depicted a technique for utilizing blockchain for downloading the rights to digital images, one it believes is different enough to be a preserved invention.

The patent application stated:

“Blockchain technology is used to document and verify attributes of digital content that are relevant to copyright protection. Such attributes may include, for instance, an identifier for the author of the content, a timestamp to indicate when the content was created, and a measurement that can subsequently be used to detect copying or modification of the content.”

As portrays, the proposed platform utilizes different types of software to evaluate copyright policy settings for each image automatically, although if the picture was taken from external sources. At that point, it creates a unique identity for both the original content and any modified versions. The patent calls these characters “shadow images.”

Intel’s patent goes ahead to mention video and other types of content aside from images, offering a more comprehensive rights system additional features.

For instance, Intel’s system looks to enable clients to maintain works in advance, including “unstructured” pieces as literature with multiple editors. In this way, content can only be modified by copyright policy settings.

Still, Intel is a long way from alone in pursuing the idea. Despite blockchain industry efforts, like Berklee’s Open Music Initiative, organizations including China’s ZhongAn and WENN Digital are companies to make headlines for similar purposes in recent weeks.

The patent is likewise the most recent finds Intel looking to secure its intellectual creations related to the industry. In June 2016, the organization filed a patent for blockchain-powered software to help research DNA, genetic sequencing in particular.

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