Intel, BMW Collaborates with Singapore Government-Backed Blockchain Accelerator

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Intel, BMW Group Asia, and Nielsen are now partner with of the Singapore government-backed blockchain accelerator Tribe.

Tribe Blockchain Accelerator published the news Friday, stating that the three companies will share their knowledge and subject expertise in their respective fields with Tribe’s startups to help build an “inclusive” ecosystem “ready for industry 4.0.”

BMW Group Asia, for example, will give “masterclasses” and mentoring sessions on how blockchain solutions can be executed in a mass market situation.

Mr. Carsten Sapia stated, vice president – group IT and head of the Asia Pacific region, BMW Group Asia, “We hope we can help each of these startups develop their proofs-of-concept and reach the next stage of their development.”

Intel Corporation will offer business and technical mentorship to startups.

Intel’s blockchain program chief Mr. Michael Reed stated, “Intel innovations like Intel Xeon Adaptable processors and Intel SGX can help enhance protection, security, and versatility of blockchain arrangements.”

In the meantime, Nielsen will give “a sandbox with the objective of providing participants with a safe, controlled environment to test new technologies and accelerate the adoption of their solutions.”

Managing partner of Tribe Accelerator Mr. Ryan Chew stated:
“To move ahead as a society, we need to encourage experimentation, and once the benefits of blockchain tech become evident, mainstream adoption will undoubtedly follow.”

A month ago, Tribe also collaborated with ethereum development studio ConsenSys to facilitate the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore.

Tribe Accelerator was started last December as part of venture capital firm TRIVE Ventures, in collaboration with South Korea’s ICON Foundation and PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub. Enterprise Singapore, a government agency set up to create the startup ecosystem, is supporting the accelerator.