India’s Tech Mahindra is Investing a Huge Amount in Canadian Blockchain Research

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India’s Tech Mahindra to learn Blockchain from Canadian Blockchain Research

IT organization Tech Mahindra is going to invest almost $80 million in blockchain and AI research.

The Indian company Tech Mahindra announced that it would spend 100 million Canadian dollars (roughly $79 million at press time) over the next five years for establishing a so-called Center of Excellence in Canada. The investment, declared during a state visit to India by Canada’s prime minister, is intended to encourage the development of blockchain and AI solutions.

In November 2016, the Mahindra Group declared that it was working with IBM for developing a “supply chain finance” system based on a permissioned distributed ledger.

In January 2017, Mahindra announced its idea of establishing a blockchain startup incubator somewhere outside of India.

Tech Mahindra is already involved in at least a couple of blockchain-related projects as well. In September 2017, the company disclosed that it was working with the blockchain-based P2P energy trading marketplace Power Ledger on a Microgrid-as-a-Service platform and that trials of the technology had been planned.

Recently we published that, Indian leading tech industry is going to partner with Canadian Blockchain Institute to learn Blockchain. India’s information technology trade organization, the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) will work with BRI researchers backed by the Canadian government to help developers learn more about blockchain platforms in preparation for creating and launching tools within the nation.

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