India’s Ruling Party Involved in ‘Mega Bitcoin Scam’

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Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is accused by The Indian National Congress (INC) party, which is the largest political party in India for money laundering through bitcoin.

According to Hindustan Times’ report, INC, which is known as Congress Party, claimed on Thursday that BJP was converting black money into white using Bitcoin in the western state of Gujarat. Moreover, the Indian Supreme Court for launching an examination for monitoring the investigation.

The report also reported that INC spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil claimed that BJP “leadership was involved in converting black money through” the bitcoin scam that worths between $727 million and $12.79 billion.

Gohil told:

We demand an impartial Supreme Court-monitored judicial investigation in this maze of ‘Mega Bitcoin Scam’ so that the truth comes out.

He Included that by using bitcoin, some leaders at BJP were capable of converting their “black money” to other businessmen in the state.

Although, the BJP dismissed the allegations, stating the Congress Party’s “dirty tricks department” was simply trying to “spread confusion and lies.”

Meanwhile, BJP spokesperson Anil Baluni appeared to suggest that the INC may have an undisclosed motive in accusing the ruling party of laundering the funds.

He said:

I wonder if the Congress is trying to help somebody in this case as part of a conspiracy.

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