In South Korea 31 percent of the Professionals are Cryptocurrency Investors

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An employment platform’s survey has described that 3 out of 10 professionals in South Korea are cryptocurrency investors.

According to a survey published on Wednesday by Seoul-based online employment platform Saramin,  31.3% of 931 professionals were surveyed and declared to be invested in cryptocurrencies, with an average investment of ₩5.56 million (approx. $5,170) per individual.

“It seemed to be the fastest way to make money,” was the explanation that saw a majority consensus of 54.2%, when asked for the reason behind their investment. A further 48% got investing “with a small amount of money” to test the waters. Of the investors, 80.3%

At least 1 in 10 individuals (12.9%) mentioned their investment of over ₩10 million, or $9,300.  The result of the investment revealed by the  Korea Times mentioned the interest among daily basis that investors in adopting cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Out of those people, 18.3% said they invested between ₩1 million- ₩ 2 million while 44% had poured in less than ₩1 million into cryptocurrency investments.

Out of them, most of the investors said:

“It seemed to be the fastest way to make money.”

Few other investors said:

“Invested with a small amount of money.”

South Korea is known as world’s largest cryptocurrency trading markets, counting an estimated 20% of the world’s daily traded bitcoin. Korean investors are also pushing prices of the other mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Monero and Ripple in these days.