GSC Aviation

GSC Aviation combines the effectiveness of battle-tested databases for query processes with the security of blockchain technology to provide a shared, trustworthy platform for updating information such as the financial strength of vendors, quality standards, and MRO (Maintenance Repair, and Overhaul) data. On background, a vast, decentralised network of computers records each transaction made by any member of the supply chain in a shared ledger (the blockchain) that is continuously and collectively updated in real time. Furthermore, a consensus algorithm running on all those computers ensures the validity of each transaction and prevents fraud and malicious attacks. GSC platform includes three key features: • By replacing slow, manual, and repetitive processes, mostly still relying entirely on paper, such as billing and shipping, for faster, digital ones, benefiting from a wide range of ‘smart contracts’ – electronic agreements that self-execute according to predefined rules – that virtually guarantee the performance of often unknown suppliers, our solution allows companies to bypass conventional ways of establishing trust and finding new, more innovative, more responsive suppliers, while also saving substantial time and money. • Based on blockchain technology, the secure, tamper-proof, instantly available, and highly relevant information in GSC Aviation database will provide perfect traceability, as well as the management of planned obsolescence, of all available equipment and offer a total security guarantee for all MRO, airlines, and CAMO customers, thus substantially reducing the risk of accidents due to related human error. • Due to the immutable, transparent, and auditable features of blockchain technology, the GSC Aviation will an answer to the pressure for increasingly more effective fraud detection processes. Our goal is to provide aeronautical professionals quality resources, the security of blockchain technology, and efficient purchasing protocols to enable economies of scale for aerospace industry players by optimising the supply chain as a whole. Being of open nature to the world and to multiculturalism, having a strong point in making relationships, Maxime Legros wished his company to his image, open to the world, passionate, and ambitious. Therefore, he recruited his crew from diverse cultures, all having in common with him the will to succeed in an ambitious project that requires the sustained and flawless action of each one. With his seven years of experience in purchasing, and having spent many hours a week sourcing, sending RFI, discovering suppliers, mapping scopes of purchase, and securing the supply chain by tracking performance of suppliers using KPI (Key Performance Indicators), Maxime felt the need of a tool such as GSC Aviation, suited to the substantive work of analysing the buyer's market. The GSC Platform Company is located in France, in the South-West, land of gastronomy, viniculture, and festive atmosphere. The salary development plan is focused on recruiting students in Purchasing/Supply Chain and IT Development to be trained in the technical challenges of tomorrow. Certainly, Maxime will continue strategically to recruit abroad to strengthen his teams and always better meet the expectations of its customers, partners and the GSC Aviation community.

Total Token Supply
999999999 GSCP
Token Price
1 GSCP = 0.05 EURO
Hard Cap
54300000 USD
Soft Cap
4700000 USD
ICO Starts
ICO Ends
Email ID ****
Mobile Number 88********
Nationality Indian
Father's Name Ajay Mall
Father's Mobile +91 99********
Mother's Name Hemlata Mall
Mother's Mobile +91 90********
Emergency Contact Person Pawan Mall
Emergency Contact Person's Mobile +91 88********
Last School Pawan Mall's School
Date of Admission March 4, 2009
Birth Place Delhi
Academic Year 2015-2016
Medical Condition Normal
Active/Inactive Student is Active
Last Editing 2015-08-20 09:41:56

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