Iceland’s first Bitcoin heist – Stolen 600 Hi-Tech computers worth $2 million

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600 powerful computers worth $2 million stolen for the sake of Bitcoin in Iceland

Stealing at this era can be a tedious job to do as there are lots of modern technologies involved in it that somehow you will end up in jail. But if you have the guts to steal Bitcoins, and you succeeded in doing so, you probably be a genius one.

Mining for cryptocurrency takes a long process which includes expensive proposition and a whole lot of analytics —So if you just go ahead and steal 600 powerful computers that will get your job done.

11 people correctly done the taken job and are accused of doing in Iceland, after a large number of specialized machines were boosted in December and January from data centers in the island nation.  According to NBC News, specify that, while the authorities have identified and arrested the individuals that believe to be responsible for this heist, the computers so far are still unaccounted.

As per the machines are a concern, they are worth $2 million. These crypto thieves were aiming to reward themselves a beginning of something great- a currency without the government, something necessary and imperative: BITCOIN

If the computers are put back to work, it could be used to produce the digital coins that at the time of this writing are worth over $11,000 each.

“This is grand theft on a scale unseen before,” NBC News reports a Reykjanes police commissioner, Olafur Helgi Kjartansson, as explaining. “Everything points to this being the highly organized crime.”

To be noticed, this isn’t a The Italian Job-style heist. Comparatively, it was several different burglaries that took place at several different locations. Two of which went down on the Reykjanes above the peninsula.

Nowadays, Cryptocurrency is top notch target of criminals such as hackers, as they try to steal it all the time. But that mining computer is strong enough to defend their every attack and lot not going to let it go quickly. After all, breaking into physical buildings to steal physical goods is an entirely different proposition than running an online scam.

At apparently, it is not clear that these 11 individuals pegged by Icelandic authorities as having a hand in the heist. Guess the lawyers of these 11 individuals accept Bitcoins.

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