Huawei to Pre-install Bitcoin Wallets on New Phones

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Bitcoin Wallets to be Pre-installed in Phones Manufactured by Huawei

The third largest mobile handset maker, Huawei Technologies Co., to permit users the ability to download Bitcoin wallets on their devices. Huawei Technologies Co. revealed this decision on Friday.’s vice president of business operations, Alejandro de la Torre, announced that wallet is designated to become the first cryptocurrency app suggested by Huawei’s AppGallery.

In an interview with Bloomberg, de la Torre stated:

“It’s a good opportunity to tap into the Chinese market. The use of cashless payments with apps is very big, and the traditional banking system is lacking, so there’s a good use case for crypto payments to grow there.”

Bloomberg states that the wallet will not only come pre-installed on all new Huawei and Honor phones but will also be available for older devices in the months ahead – which means that virtually all users of the third most popular mobile phone brand will become owners of Bitcoin wallets.

This decision taken by Huawei would put an impact on the Chinese market since they are not open to cryptocurrency legalization. Even though the citizens of China are interested in digital currency, the government of China has prohibited the act of buying and selling Bitcoins by banning exchanges earlier this year. But, the citizens, however, are not forbidden from owning Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Bloomberg also mentioned that the Chinese government had blocked Android’s Google Play Store and many sections of Apple’s iTunes, to limit exposure to apps like’s cryptocurrency wallet. As Huawei plans to provide BTC wallets to all of its users, the absence of exposure will no longer be a problem.

It’s also worth knowing that is owned and managed by mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain Technologies and is in control of the world’s most magnificent mining pool for the powerful cryptocurrency.

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