HTC’s new Blockchain-based smartphone will Support Litecoin

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Creator Charlie Lee stated on Monday, HTC’s blockchain– friendly smartphone will support Litecoin.

Charlie Lee declared on Sunday, including that he was joining the development team of HTC Exodus as an advisor. The news comes after Charlie Lee asserted that he met with the Exodus Team a week ago. Lee also affirmed that the Exodus would support the Lightning Network on the Litecoin natively.

He included a disclaimer that the Exodus will still support bitcoin. HTC affirmed the news on Monday, saying the team was “honored” to have Charlie Lee as an advisor.

As reported earlier, the Taiwan-based smartphone maker first announced the Exodus in May, stating that it was developing the world’s first digital currency smartphone. The device will work as both a mobile connecting point to the blockchain network and a storage device for major digital currencies including bitcoin and ethereum.

Mr. Phil Chen HTC’s chief crypto officer said that the company is hoping to start distributing the new phone by the end of the year, although he refused to provide a firm date.

He said people interested in buying the Exodus early can participate in a pre-sale with bitcoin or ether.

In July, HTC stated the phone will too support the mobile app CryptoKitties.

HTC isn’t the only firm working on a blockchain-based smartphone – Sirin Labs recently raised $157 million in an initial coin offering (ICO)to develop the “Finney.”


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