Hackers From Brazil Targeted 170,000 Devices for Cryptojacking

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Its been casual for crypto enthusiasts to hear about hacking, ransomware, frauds, etc. But, now the term called ‘cryptojacking‘ has been targeting individual’s computers to mine cryptocurrencies. These hackers install mining malware in people’s systems so they could mine cryptos for free rather than spending on it.

These incidents have recently found taking place in Brazil. Trustwave(an information security company) recently published a blog which explained about a huge cyber attack launched on MicroTik routers last month. The hackers installed Coinhive mining software in more than 170,000 devices.

Simon Kenin, the Trustwave’s security researcher, described that each and devices utilized the same SiteKey that shows one object for receiving the mined tokens.

He described that the attack might be prevalent in Brazil. But while writing the final stages of his blog, he noticed that other geo-locations are also affected too. He thinks that this attack was planned to be taken place all over the world.

Kenin’s previous Trustware blog reveals that Coinhive has got more conflict in 2017 as a service for monitoring the solutions for websites without utilizing any advertisements. Site owners had embedded JavaScript code which could hold CPU power to mine cryptocurrency such as Monero. The site visitors ended up having their systems heated or using a huge amount of electricity.

Trustware also released a detection tool which could block the mining software. Kenin told his readers to consider removing that dangerous mining malware from their systems otherwise it could reach million people around the world.

Nishanth Shetty

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