European Fintech giants FinLab AG and announced a $100 mln joint venture for EOS project

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Fintech incubator FinLab AG and announced a $100 mln joint venture towards EOS project

The German Fintech incubator FinLab AG and, developer of the Blockchain programming platform EOS.IO, affirmed a $100 mln joint Ventures to create activities that use EOS’ software.

The FinLab-run store means to disseminate further the EOS.IO platform, run by Cayman Islands-registered The organization needs to guarantee $1 bln in funding, together with different dare capitalists, to EOS.IO software. Those fund with Finlab accordingly speaks to just a portion of the seed capital of EOS.IO.

EOS.IO is a Blockchain design for decentralized applications (DApps) powered toward Ethereum’s ERC20 standard tokens.

Same time EOS.IO have produced by, the open hotspot platform to set under the act by third parties. The company identifies itself fundamentally similarly as a tech provider who wants to offer an elective platform to Ethereum.

EOS.IO is part of the third wave of cryptocurrency innovations and blockchain projects, which concentrate on enhanced versatility and spare transactions utilizing a new Blockchain design. In February, analysts introduced a new, versatile BlockDAG — an alternative system structure to Blockchain – called PHANTOM.

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