Elon Musk’s Fake Twitter Account Promotes Bitcoin Scams

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On Nov. 5 several verified Twitter accounts have been hacked to imitate Elon Musk with one almost collecting $170,000.

After hacking verified accounts, scammer changed profile name and image in order to pretend as Space X and Tesla CEO. Scammers would then post in comments threads begun by real Elon Musk, to give the impression of authenticity. Some of the scam tweets stated that Elon Musk was conducting ‘the biggest’ cryptocurrency giveaway in the world who use ‘Bitcoin‘ and shared a link to participate in the giveaway.

To evade Twitter security measures, scammers subtly modified one of the characters in the name, yet maintaining a display name that appeared to be ‘Elon Musk’ at a glance, preventing Twitter from automatically flagging the account.

Hackers apparently compromised several different accounts including those of the film production firm Pathe U.K. and politician Frank Pallone Jr.

Lachlan Markay reporter of Daily Beast stated that sources on Pallone’s campaign affirmed that account was hacked, albeit without any political goals replying, “Just looks like a Bitcoin Scam.”

If you fall for this, you deserve to be scammed tbh pic.twitter.com/RKjd90UsBt

— A source close to Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) November 5, 2018

He on his way included that one of the BTC wallet used in the scams received $158,256 and that the payments ‘are still coming.’ The address referred to by Lachlan Markay had a final balance of 26.38 BTC ($168,930).

Pathe U.K. later affirmed that it had gained control of its account and deleted the fake Elon Musk tweets.

In September this year, Elon Musk asked Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin (DOGE), to help him fight ‘annoying’ digital currency scammer on Twitter. Jackson Palmer replied instantly, urging Musk to connect using direct messages. Later on, the creator of Dogecoin sent Elon Musk a script that could purportedly resolve the problem.