Dona – A Decentralized Medium That Enables To Donate People Who Need Help Around The World

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“Dona coin” makes the planet a little bit exceptional. Being a cryptocurrency that empowers us to donate to people who need assistance around the world which will be distributed globally. Throughout so many years, the issue of donations needs to be on the rise as less privileged individual relies on others to support their vocation. And in spite of a considerable number of people out there who would be prepared to offer, help, some take advantage of the good fortune to profit themselves. It’s to this reason individuals are losing trust in the system, therefore, the necessity to a solution, for example, DONA stands to offer.


DONA guarantee transparency over donation activities, while building a group keeping with imparting majority of the data something like charity organizations, assessments, and successful experience over settling on donations for the help of blockchain technology.

DONA give mechanism in evolving the perspective with respect to donations starting with simple for one’s “own satisfaction in spending money at large-sized institutions or famous NPOs without knowing what the donation is” to turning into “a means to improve society by sharing the successful hands-on experience of supporting activities of your choice “and by perusing upgrading interest, understanding, and sympathy for respect to donate markets.

What is DONA?

DONA is a digital platform that sets to the table a transparent donation platform that will be open to intrigued stakeholders, through the well-known blockchain technology. The developers trust that through transparency the stream of donations and group building might expand awareness of the real intention behind this respectable gesture to everybody included.

How does the DONA system work?

The DONA system will incorporate a group of stakeholders that will include; individual or corporate donors, donation receivers as associations or people and suppliers of easing supplies. Interested parties in whichever part can buy DONA tokens to be a part of the ecosystem.

Once this is done, they could utilize the exchange platform that world empower fiat to Cryptocurrency transactions to raise funds. The funds compass the different beneficiaries contingent upon their necessities and when they help the officially situated principles of operation. Clients also stand to increase incentives for referring others to the platform and through early buy bonuses.

Kouhei Wada, the CEO of DONA has excellent knowledge and an experienced background which will make DONA as a successful project. He has been as a project manager for system product and development in the Embedded Software industry. He has in-depth knowledge in deep learning and Bayesian. Also, he has supported corporate management and has experienced to launch a new business as a senior executive.

Token Information

The DONA platform would plan to issue a total supply of 3,700,000,000 Dona Coins (DNC) in two stages;

• Pre-ICO-1st June 2018-15th June 2018- Minimum 100,000,000 DNC.

• ICO –Stage one-2nd July 2018- 31st July 2018- Minimum 700,000,000 DNC.

Stage two-3rd September 2018-28th September 2018- Minimum 700,000,000 DNC.

The essential token value at both stages would a $0. 01 per 1 DNC with a least buy amount of $100 (100,000DNC).

The acknowledged currencies would be; NEM (XEM), BTC, ETH. The token for soft cap will be $1,000,000 and $15,000,000 hard cap.

The delivery of tokens is two weeks following the token sale. The token distribution will include;

• 10% stakeholders

• 70% ICO

• 20% reserve

Client distribution would consist of 10% administration, 20% marketing, and 70% development of the soft cap. 20% operation, 40% marketing, and 40% development of the hard cap.




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