Dogecoin might become The Cryptocurrency to Watch in 2018

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Dogecoin predicted as one of the Biggest Movers in 2018

Very few people have predicted the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies towards the end of 2017- the dip that occurred soon that might have been anticipated by fewer.

Recently, lists of nine panelists to help predict the twelve of the most prominent cryptocurrencies for 2018 are enlisted by However, Dogecoin, included in the list, was anticipated as one of the biggest movers. The panelists gave their predictions on everything from Bitcoin to Cardano and Iota.

Dogecoin-the crypto based on the Shiba Inu meme that provides much wow – has been predicted to rise almost 3000% by the end of the year, going from its price of $0.0077 on February 27 to as much as $0.24. That was an enormous jump for a cryptocurrency was initially started as a joke.



Axes and Eggs Samson Williams states in his predictions that he expects that the coin could rise around 95 cents by the end of the year; while other panelists were not sure about the predictions or expectations that the currency could rise or stay flat.

The entire credit for these imposing predictions goes to the strength and loyalty of the community behind Dogecoin with both Williams and WishKnish CEO Alisa Gus. Other panelists to believe that Dogecoin is still marked as a little bit of a joke, so they can’t see it doing too enough in the future.

Disappointingly, Dogecoin dropped to $0.0058 after the panelists’ predictions came out on February 27, which shows how volatile the market is.

However, it is difficult to get convinced about investing real money into Dogecoin. Once more legitimate, expertly-designed cryptocurrencies begin to take hold (I’m talking way down the track), we may see the end of ‘much wow’ and the Shiba Inu.

Nishanth Shetty

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