CyClean Organizes Peace Road 2018 for Charity

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CyClean is sponsoring Peace Road 2018 in Japan. This is a cross-country bicycling event geared towards promoting peace and charity. It also intends to raise awareness about blockchain’s applications, mining, and charity among the general population.

Peace Road 2018 is a 1,250-kilometer cycling event which will be carried out by the team of student-teacher cyclists. The team belongs to Truelove Peace School that is based out of Nowon-Gu, Seoul, Korea. The school focuses on an alternate education system that develops each student as a person, nurturing them on the principles of living.

This event will help people understand the applications of blockchain and will focus towards clarifying the people’s perception on cryptocurrencies. It will also help break the mold that cryptocurrencies are simply a get-rich-quick scheme.

CyClean’s technology will help the students understand the real-world application of cryptocurrencies, and their potential to save the planet. This cycling event provides the students the opportunity to mine their own tokens using CyClean’s Bicycle and Health Bands. The most striking feature of this event is that all the tokens mined during this incredible 1,250 km trip will be donated to a great cause.

Peace Road 2018 makes CyClean the first cryptocurrency project to organize an event on such a scale. We are excited to see that our drive towards a better planet has received such tremendous support from the public.

CyClean has partnered with Crypto Global Capital (CGC), an Asset Exchange and Investment Fund based in the United States. A total token purchase of $9 million is estimated as a part of this investment.