CyClean is mankind’s best against Global Warming

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CyClean is focused on reducing global carbon emissions. Based out of Singapore, the company is dominating the South Korean market with its eco-friendly products. CyClean is built from the ground up as an integrated solution. A wireless network can measure and
report the usage of CyClean products in Watts. All products are capable of sending a wireless stream to a centralized CyClean server. This allows users to easily track their distance and the coins earned.

It is estimated that 1.2 billion cars worldwide are responsible for air pollution and health
problems. A way to preserve the Earth for the next generation and provide them with a healthier environment. It is predicted that by the year 2042, around 93% of all vehicles in the US will be powered by electricity instead of fossil fuels.


1. Combat Exhaust Fumes
2. Promote Clean Energy
3. Promote Green Sports

1. Long-term usage of replacement of oil-based vehicles with electric vehicles
2. Provide clean energy modularly
3. Integrate green sports within the platform

In addition, CyClean provides additional benefits –
• It motivates its users with rewards
• Integrated mining procedure

The rewards system ensures that CyClean’s products will enjoy a long working life and
more people will be shifting towards renewable energy.

CyClean’s Product Line :
1. CyClean Wearable Band
2. CyClean Indoor Bike
3. CyClean Bicycle
4. CyClean Electric Motorbike
5. CyClean Sunlight Panel
6. CyClean Car (R&D in progress)

The users are rewarded for the use of CyClean products as Reward Emission. This is in form of CyClean coins (CCL). These coins can be earned by renting or purchasing Cy-Clean products. The reward system pays the users in form of coins that are earned
through use of CyClean products, that facilitate mining.

CyClean’s reliability and security is backed by Smart Contracts. These are triggered on condition, acting as an enforceable electronic contract. This technology allows complete strangers to trust each other thanks to the enhanced security.

KYC and whitelist are additional security measures that are put in place my CyClean to ensure only the highest international standard for cryptocurrency and ICO. What’s more, CyClean’s technology is developed to support third-party manufacturers as well. This allows
them to integrate CyClean’s solution into their products giving its users even more opportunities to reduce pollution while earning CCL.

Nishanth Shetty

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