China’s Central Bank Email Hacked, Message Claims Cryptocurrency Ban

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China’s Central Bank Email got hacked and the Message was about Cryptocurrency Ban

An email from People’s Bank of China’s domain made false allegations of a cryptocurrency ban in China and Hong Kong.

In an evident security breach, an email address ending in distributed a message to some US media entities publishing joint regulatory measures soon to be imposed by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and People’s Bank of China (PBoC). The domain belongs to the PBoC.

Per an extract from the message, recipients were to expect restrictions on “all aspects and services of bitcoin trading in both mainland China and Hong Kong.” It increased an invitation, now established as fraudulent, requesting that press attend a briefing in Beijing on February 14, 2018. It told that PBoC deputy governor Pan Gongsheng was to oversee the meeting and supposedly detail the suppression of “all virtual currency services and activities of both individuals and business including market makers, mining operators, trading platforms, and wallets.”

Anyhow, spokespersons of both Beijing and Hong Kong authorities deny that such a meeting is to take place. Moreover, no event matching the information has been announced on either the HKMA or PBoC official websites.

According to a Chinese origin which received the fake email, it came with a registration form for prospective attendees to fill out. The email originated from a Hefei branch bank worker in Anhui, who claims his email address had been hacked and denies knowledge of further details.

Due to some degree of risk with respect to how China and regulators worldwide will finally rule on cryptocurrency acceptance, polarizing news like an outright ban would have direct effects on the global marketplace.

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