Chief Strategist of Ripple talks about What and Why regarding Ripple

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Cory Johnson discusses adapting Cross-Border payments and xRapid

Ripple’s Chief Strategist states that Ripple being the third-best cryptocurrency in the market is often being talked about these days. Also, there are talks these days that Ripple along with other currencies is a bubble that is about to burst. The Chief Strategist of Ripple, Cory Johnson, reunited with Adam Johnson and discussed Ripple and how it is showing astonishing results with the introduction of cross-border payments through xRapid.

Cory Johnson says that all these giant companies such as Google, Yahoo, and many more companies were once a start-up company. However, Ripple isn’t far away from reaching up to the level of these companies as this start-up is workings towards being worth multiple billion dollars.

Adam, the host, asked the chief strategist the main question, what exactly ripple is. To this question, Cory provided a simple explanation stating that Ripple XRP is an amalgam of a messaging system, portfolio management protocol, and money transfer system.

Cory Johnson also said that XRP plans to become a global currency as they are striving to make a network instead of the conventional idea of having a physical asset which could help in the faster processing of global transactions.

Cory Johnson concluded by talking about how many financial institutions and banking establishments are valuing the idea of the blockchain technology. Although banks do not take any interest in using XRP as a currency expressed as a real fiat, they are somehow interested in the idea of using Ripple’s technology.

Ripple XRP seems to be showing the first signs of minor recovery as this currency started to trade in the green. After the latest change in the market, XRP has jumped to 0.19% against the dollar. However, Ripple is dropping against BTC with the latest decrease of-1.03%, according to Coindelite Price Chart which means that Bitcoin is rising as well. After the most recent increase in the trading volume during the last 24 hours, Ripple XRP can now be bought at the price of 0.49$ per one unit.

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