Blockchain Unlocked Consulting Model for Experts of All Kinds all around the world

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Quality Consultants are the major factor which is required for many kinds of businesses, especially for the startups who require help for initiating and running a new business. Benjamin Franklin told that “An Investment in Knowledge always pays the best interest” and he is absolutely right because for business who often require engaging expert consultants for their knowledge.

These experts spend a long time to help the clients for building the different strategies for the growth of their business and they help the client with the valuable guidance as well. In fact, due to a lack of proper consultant, businesses had to close their doors or did not use the consultant properly.

The untapped field of consultation

The field of online consultation still lacks professionalism and tools for proper sharing and auditing. Even though Skype and content do not have proper tracking, many clients continue to engage with ancient devices such as Skype with the professionals. Most likely, the time spent will be spent to gather the appropriate appointment between the consultant and the client who gave the differences in time zones. So such negotiations begin immediately on the wrong foot.

There are other tools for knowledge sharing between Dropbox, Evernote, and Asana between individuals and businesses, but the question of tracking, payments etc. is still unclear. Most of these applications still do not have the necessary tools for a quality business-consultant relationship.

The real-time spent in consultation and subsequent payments are usually a matter of disturbance. This lack of transparency can cause disbelief among all parties. Consultants should keep customers happy by paying their valuable tips, and it’s difficult.

Blockchain has the ability to bridge the confidence gap through safety and stability. Blockchains are safe and transparent as each transaction has been recorded in Blockchain for future reference. Others who protect Blockchain also review transactions.

Tom Dyl, CTO,  Co-Founder of Experty says:

“The world is moving towards decentralization. Nowadays, people prefer less control [over] what they do from the various governments. They also prefer to see and use quicker services and services that make their lives easy in the long run. This is the gap that Blockchain seeks to fill.”

Blockchains improve the process

Blockchain technology is used to build applications by experts and customers communicating quickly and efficiently. The use of Ethereum introduces a lot of flexibility and reliability, as Ethereum Blockchain prefers developers around the world.

These apps track communication between clients and clients closely and transparently. Payments are made immediately through Blockchain, which anyone can check. Expert charges have also been postponed and publicly dismissed any confusion in the payment system and transparency of the system.

Users of these applications are willing to share Blockchain specialists, lawyers, business counselors, medical counselors and one for their knowledge at a price. What they have to do is they list their consulting costs per minute, so it is available publicly. Anyone who needs advice from experts can access that profile and set up a consultation.

It mainly creates a marketplace for experts and knowledge. Tracking calls and payments through the Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency that is selected by the expertise is managed by the application. It significantly eases the consultation process and improves faith and security. This will enable experts and clients to focus on the consultation process.

Knowledge sharing would be a major factor

Easy-to-use, decentralized, blockchain-based consulting platforms help unlock expert knowledge across the globe. Any expert with the Internet connection can give their knowledge to the consumers and earn money. With the arrival of blockchain and decentralization, knowledge is more valuable and easier than ever. Experts in every field in the future are likely to be in high demand, making use of these Blockchain apps more prominent and important.