Blockchain Startup Collaborates with Coursera to Start Blockchain Course

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As per an announcement published, blockchain startup ConsenSys has collaborated with Coursera an online education platform to offer a blockchain technology course.

The two companies are starting a course named “Blockchain: Foundations And Use Cases.” The course is intended to give students an intro to the technology and acquire the skills needed to learn how blockchain is changing specific industries, and the ways blockchain can solve particular problems.

As per Coursera, the course is meant for students of varying skill levels, including people who lack a technical education.

Prior today, the Linux Foundation started enrollment for its new advanced training course for an advanced training course for hyper ledger Fabric blockchain technology. The new course will reportedly allow students to tackle the fundamentals of the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), besides “the core architecture and components” that underlie decentralized Hyperledger Fabric applications.

Educational institutions around the globe have been actively adopting blockchain tech, both in the practical education and in their curricula. A survey conducted by crypto exchange Coinbase showed that 42% of the world’s top 50 universities have at least one class on blockchain technology or digital currencies.

In August, Turkey, Malta, and South Korea all declared blockchain and DLT-related educational programs devoted to nurturing young talent and increasing the availability of experienced professionals in the fast-growing industry. The Tezos Foundation also said it would be announcing financial grants to research institutions for blockchain technology and smart contracts development at several universities located in the U.S., France, and Portugal.

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