Blockchain Research Firm Adds Nobel Prize Winner as Advisors 

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Accelerator Cryptic Labs and Blockchain research firm labs have added two Nobel-Prize winning economists as their project advisors.

According to the press release, joining firm’s economics advisory board, Sir Christopher Pissarides and Dr. Eric S. Maskin, will be providing insights into incentive mechanisms, game theory, and macroeconomic policies.

Dr. Eric S. Maskin, a professor at Harvard University, will bring the company his knowledge of mechanism design and game theory. He would teach how blockchain projects can develop user incentives. Dr. Eric S. Maskin has won the 2007 Nobel prize in Economics setting the foundation of mechanism design theory.

He stated in the Press Release:

“I think that blockchain tech is potentially important for a modern economy. Most discussions of blockchain focus on technical issues. I am more involved in the economic value such technology can bring.”

Sir Christopher Pissarides won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics for his work on “the analysis of markets with the theory of search frictions.” He will guide the company and its clients based on his own understanding of macroeconomics.

He stated that these days, the Blockchain technology is becoming the most exciting development in financial markets.

Mr. Humphrey Polanen, co-founder and managing director of Cryptic Labs’ also shared his thoughts. He stated that for the very first time in the industry, Sir Christopher Pissarides and Dr. Eric S. Maskin would offer unparallel expertise. The would also insight to the blockchain industry through providing the nuanced understandings of behavioral economics to our customers.