Blockchain News – The first ever Blockchain protected Virtual Land Auction

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Blockchain News

The Virtual Reality revolution has been increasing with more and more number of online users due to the headsets and the platform continued to get the acceptance. This marketplace has also provided an increment for a popular and interest trend which is also called as Virtual Real Estate.

Companies such as Linden Labs and other companies have already started monetizing Virtual Land Purchases and Content for VR users since from 2003. the platform has become an option to earn money for the users from virtual content. Because the users are able to create the content within a platform and then can have copyright ownership as well. They can also own and monetize whatever they have created.


Blockchain for Virtual Reality ownership

However, a new blockchain based platform has created its

Own way into the market, it uses the blockchain technology to save the virtual land ownership because the users can actually platform by themselves. The company has also begun using proper cryptocurrency for the internal monetization. The first land auction of the firm will be launching in December since the company will be selling the ‘Genesis City’ with the coordinates.

Through utilizing the secured aspects of the blockchain technology, the platform would be able to protect the ownership aspects and as well as to secure the rights for each and every parcel. Within each parcel, users are able to create and monetize any type of content they choose. Most of the people are believing it as only a matter of the time before the blockchain was used to secure the real property. It is not such a surprise that the virtual world is taking the same concept and running with it.