Blockchain Media Company Obtain Rights for Blockchain Documentary at Cannes Film Festival

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Slate Entertainment Group Acquiring Rights for a Documentary about Blockchain During the Cannes Film Festival

Blockchain media organization Slate Entertainment Group revealed its ‘seven-figure deal’ looking into procuring rights for a documentary over blockchain during the Cannes film festival.

A new path to the movie business

Slate means to show the documentary beyond Bitcoin using its blockchain based online streaming platform Binge. The decentralized Binge platform gives low-cost, high-speed, high-definition media entry to consumers worldwide, says the content of the press release.

During the Cannes festival in May 2018, Slate seemed at the center of the buzz surrounding blockchain technology and its possibility to change the entertainment industry. In Cannes, Slate affirmed their recently shaped organization with Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (Sitges), where Sitges will receive its digital ticketing platform, Slatix, powered by the cryptocurrency SLATE SLX, to buy of tickets and festival tickets.

“This will be the first time in industry history that a film festival will accept the digital currency as well as traditional forms of payment,” says the Slate press release.

Slatix is a blockchain-based, minimal effort tokenized ticketing system that aims to provide profits to buyers dependent upon their loyalty. As stated by the press release, small and medium measured ventures can profit from Slatix’s low setup and operating costs, while a user-friendly app is expected to rearrange DIY ticket distribution and reclamation.

Listings and token sale

Based in Toronto and Los Angeles, the Slate Entertainment Group has started several media platforms ahead of its blockchain, including Binge and Slatix.

Slate has launched its presale in May 2018. Public token presale will remain open until June 9, 2018. In this way far, the Slate cooperation has overpassed its soft cap goal, having raised up to $20 mln. The instant discount is 45 percent, and reward will be 3 percent.

Hong Kong-based HitBTC, a standout amongst the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, will be listing SLX concerning its trade. HitBTC will host SLX with trading pairs against Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT).

“Slate Entertainment Group is specially pleased to reveal the agreement during the presale as it assures customers that they will be able to trade SLX on the open market. The listing on the main exchange will also expand SLX’s exposure to new markets and increase distribution after the initial sale” says the press release.

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