BitNautic – A Boon to Trading and Shipping Industry!!!

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BitNautic – A Boon to Trading and Shipping Industry!!!


BitNautic, (, is a decentralized marketplace/ platform for commodities, where end-consumers, importers/exporters, and manufacturers/producers of goods can move their products in an easy way using the blockchain technology. The objective of the decentralized platform, given in the official website, is “to aid everyone, from end-consumers to the ship owners, Shipping industries to the Agents/brokers,  courier companies, Manufacturers, producers (farmers), the traders, and the investors around the globe to facilitate their ventures and comfort the trading practices by joining the world to one remarkable platform.”

How BitNautic Performs?

In traditional shipping method, the transactions include a lot of form filings such as sales contracts, charter-party agreements, bills of lading, port records, letters of credit and others associated with vessel and cargo. All these reports need to pass through a long chain of organizations. BitNautic abounds over old traditional shipping techniques, which erase the need for several contracts to be signed numerous times and hence cut down paperwork.

BitNautic also contributes services and transportation which is internally boosted by decentralized blockchain technology. Motivated by the way blockchain payment system works, BitNautic offer a trading platform for assets where consumers, importers/exporters, ship-owners, service providers and producers of goods will be able to deal their products in the open market and free trade environment. The potential of blockchain within this platform makes it invincible to hacks, frauds or cyber attacks making it for transparent and secure.

The Bitnautic Decentralized Shipping Platform, takes the product, the manufacturer, the transporter, the consumers and everything else in- between, to one common level. The utilization of blockchain technology and smart-contracts makes the system more clear, protected, productive, less time-consuming and less prone to cyber attacks. Moreover, it makes the tracking of orders, shipments, consignments, container or of a ship more accurate and effortless. The AI (artificial intelligence) system manage and control most of the process to bypass any human errors or inefficiencies. The difficult calculations of estimated delivery time of a shipment, which is otherwise influenced by unpredictable causes like the bills of lading, port documents, letters of credit and others related to vessel and by the weather conditions on the route to be followed by the ship, will be determined by the AIs. Bitnautic clears up, the special objectives faced by the shipping industry, as one single solution with the exercise of blockchain technology and smart contracts manage and control most of the process to dodge any human errors or inefficiencies. The problematic calculations of estimated delivery time of a shipment, which is otherwise influenced by unpredictable factors like the bills of lading, port documents, letters of credit and others related to vessel and by the weather conditions on the route to be followed by the ship, will be calculated by the AIs.

BitNautic ICO:

The ERC20 token which will be provided by BitNautic is an ICO token BTNT which will act as a medium to guide you to be a part of the project. Funds lifted via ICO and pre-ICO primarily be used for the research and development of the platform, internal trading work and to purchase ships for shipment of goods in containers as well as bulk products such as agricultural goods (sugar, corn, rice, etc. ), minerals and construction materials.

35 million tokens for crowd sale will be released by BitNautic ICO. BitNautic will start its pre-sale on May 1, 2018, and May 31, 2018, with the major ICO starting on 1st June 2018 and ending on 31 July 2018. BitNautic have included an incorporate bonus program; the PRE- ICO SALE May 1st, 2018 to May 31, 2018 has a Bonus of 30%,

The main ICO Start on June 1, 2018, and ends on July 31, 2018, for a period of 8 weeks. ( 1st Week Bonus = 20%, 2nd Week = 15%, 3rd week= 10%, 4th week = 5% and the rest of the 4 weeks has no bonus).


ICO Stage Start Date End Date Bonus
Pre ICO May 1, 2018 May 31, 2018 30%
 Main ICO June 1, 2018 July 30, 2018
1st Week  20%
2nd Week 15%
3rd Week 10%
4th Week 5%
Rest 4 weeks 0%



Below list involves the released:

Transport System:

BitNautic will have a fleet of ships, owned by Bitnautic or listed by the ship-owners/shipping companies on the platform. These ships will mainly provide the transportation demand of the in-house trading arm of the business. The owner of the ships can benefit the platform to make their ships opening positions known as charters.

In future, BitNautic will use the funds lifted through the ICO for purchasing ships suited to carry cargos for the in-house trading business in near future.

Booking System:

Customers can see the ships which are applicable to carry their cargo positioned on their current site cross-matched with the destination of the different users. The best paired lowest prices will be given to the user so that they will have the choice to choose from various packages form different service providers based on specifications – weight, time frame, destination, address, origin address. The Bitnautic booking system will execute the booking of broker agent for all the shipping chores.

Brokerage System:

A real-time ship brokerage system for ship owners, broker agents, and the courier companies; all possible with the BitNautic platform. The brokerage system of BitNautic will give owners a freedom to offer the ships which they can avail to get going on the job.

Ship & Cargo Tracking System:

BitNautic also set up an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based state of art ship and cargo tracking system for the users. This factor is specially designed for ship owners and consumers for booking a cargo, viewing the condition and position of the ships in real time. This facility will also be extended to cargo owners so that they can see their cargo location in real-time.

E-commerce Platform:

Here different users can gather together and have trade deals. The payment system of this platform is quick, easy, protected which uses global digital currency removing all the obstacles and struggles associated with fiat currency.

Shipping and cargo marketplace(SCM):

The main objective is to ease the existing shippers, cargo companies, brokers, and traders to use the BitNautic platform and the payment system easily to market their shipments in the global market. The platform would bring everyone combines on the same table where high market demand can easily be translated into the excess supply.

Mobile Application:

The BitNautic mobile application would acknowledge the booking and tracking features along with accurate reports for all activities by the user. Real-time detailed reports would be provided by the mobile application that will help customers get a better insight which indeed will help in sketching a better picture of the cargo status and resulting in improved customer service.

Exclusive deals and discounts:

Based on the nature of the users, the platform provided by BitNautic will offer deals which will prove as a major achievement. The special agreement would be organized for retaining customers and meeting all their hopes  as an uphill task in each and every market globally.

Contact Details:

For more information please refer to the details below:

Company name – BITNAUTIC sagl.

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Company contacts – Mr. Gianfranco Pierini & Mr. Anmol Bajwa

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