Bitfinex blamed for Fraud in Affirmed Money Laundering plot

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Bitfinex is Pushing back Against the charge in a Money Laundering case in Poland

Bitfinex is pushing once more against allegations it will be involved in a money laundering case in Poland.

The cryptocurrency exchange told on Tuesday that it led an “internal investigation of its international organization,” and found no association between its operations and the two shell organizations blamed for defrauding the Belgian government and laundering funds in Colombia.

The trade composed that “based on all available evidence and information, [it] has concluded that these allegations are untrue and unfounded.”

The comment stated that:

“Among the claims under dispute, Bitfinex has not been party to any official investigation launched in any jurisdiction globally by the allegations reported in the Polish media. The signals that the relevant authorities have found no reason to act upon the claims made against the Bitfinex platform.”

Bitfinex clients have also reportedly had no issues gaining entrance to their funds because at any confinements forced toward right movement.

A spokesperson for the company said:

“Bitfinex thinks that these allegations are untrue and Bitfinex buyers and operations are unaffected by false rumors.”

Polish prosecutors seized 1. 27billion Polish zlotys a week ago from two bank accounts having a place of the two organizations associated with embroiled continuously in the money laundering scheme, a standout amongst which might have been as far as anyone knows linked to Bitfinex.

A standout amongst the organizations has also blamed for defrauding the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs more than €400,000 throughout the development of the Belgian embassy in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

No charges have presently been filed; in any case, reports recommended that Polish prosecutors are facilitating for international law implementation offices Europe and Interpol because of the global nature of the affirmed law violations.

Bitfinex, alongside its sister company Tether, were both subpoenaed by US controllers in December for reasons which have never stayed open. The exchange afterward resorted to legitimate activity to protect its reputation, yet all this added up to nothing after the actions might have been dropped or never fully commenced.

In light of expanding cases of cryptocurrency fraud, international governments have begun to actualize all the harder regulations.

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