Bitcoin Mistakes are Getting Repeated by Bitcoin Cash

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Mike Hearn: describes similar mistakes between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash

A former Bitcoin developer who quit the team in 2016 has finally broken his silence by opening up on the state of the project in a long Reddit Q&A.

Mr. Mike Hearn, who has joined banking consortium startup which is called R3, discussed some topics such as Bitcoin Cash hard fork and the block size debates which ultimately motivate the developers to share ways over the roadmap for the world’s largest cryptocurrency last summer.

Here, Hearn’s has given his remarks about his own attempts to reshape the Bitcoin protocol in 2015 and at the beginning of 2016 predicted the split. Along with Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin’s then lead maintainer; Hearn even developed software for raising the block size, expecting for a hard fork that was voted down.

Anyhow, Hearn now thinks that bitcoin cash has acquired with many of the original project’s problems.

He wrote:

“[Bitcoin cash] strongly resembles the bitcoin community of 2014. This is not good.”

Hearn continued sharing his review that Bitcoin cash, like Bitcoin in 2014, requires “formalized governance” and mostly communicates via Reddit, where users could control unpopular views.

Moreover, he suggested bitcoin cash users to “find a replacement” forum where moderator power will be limited, and the community views on the upcoming upgrades can be perfectly evaluated. Specifically, he described “alert” that bitcoin cash was planning to hard fork its chain with no attempt at measuring the support.

He asked the community to “be bold” and Included:

“Liberate yourselves from just proceeding along the path Satoshi imagined and be willing to think radical, even heretical thoughts.”


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