Bitcoin is an Incredible Store of Value says VC Expert Gurley

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Bill Gurley, Venture  Capitalist expert, and Investor trust Bitcoin as an incredible store of value. In an interview with CNBC, the Investor clarified that he trusts the exciting future for Bitcoin since it has the usability in destabilized currency economies.

Gurley explained during the interview that he has positive reviews on the Bitcoin’s future and he would like to see the clean way forward, especially in such places where other currencies are not even an option, due to representing a consistent store of the value. His organization owns a small position in the cryptocurrency.

He said:

“I think of it as an incredible store of value in the rest of the world. I don’t think it’s irrational. Many people who live in those types of countries want to be paid in Bitcoin.”

Is wall Street looking for the future?

The reviews will further reflect the split that is fast forming in the Wall Street, among those who are very positive regarding the future of coin and also among those who have considered it as a fraud and a tool of money laundering.

Anyhow, the reality is that the adoption will constantly keep growing which has made ignoring the currency as impossible. But, according to many industries insiders, it has to be adopted in the more number if it wants to have the growth.

Ami Ben David, Co-Founder of SPiCE VC says:

“Bitcoin is now rewriting the definition books. Historically people thought of a store of value as “an asset you can predictably hold or trade”, but Bitcoin is a DIGITAL store of value, and as such, it adds the exponential Network Effect – Bitcoin is the Facebook of money, used by millions today, but over the next 10 years, it’s real challenge will be to adapt and improve as it reaches billions of users.”

These challenged will be faced in the cryptocurrency market since it keeps growing. Anyhow, the necessity of the usability for creating the stores of value continues to spoil the minds of some experts.

Eyal Hertzog Co-Founder of Bancor:

“Store of value” is one of the ways a currency can be used. For anything to be used as SoV it has to be valuable otherwise. Money can be used as SoV since it’s useful for commerce. Gold can be used as SoV due to the market demand for that specific rare substance. For a digital currency to be useful as SoV it probably has to be useful for other purposes.”