Bitcoin Futures launched by Vontobel and Leonteq Securities

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Switzerland-based companies such as Vontobel and Leonteq Securities AG are launching separate future products, allowing consumers bet against the price of the leading cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Product releases come in the midst of growing interest in digital currency products incorporate investors.


Vontobel’s products

Based on a report by Reuters, the asset management company Vontobel introduces two mini futures products, a product that represents a fraction of the standard future value. In the mid-2017 products will be released on six exchanges.

Eric Blottman, Head of Public Distribution of Financial Products, According to him, products aimed at satisfying the demand for more options by traditional investors in the field of cryptocurrency trading.

“We have seen the big demand for our long tracker certificate from investors interested in playing the upside potential of Bitcoin and now they have also the possibility to hedge their position or go short.”


Leonteq Securities’ offering

Meanwhile, investment solutions provider Leonteq Securities AG has Announced a scheduled launch of its Bitcoin Futures product that has two months maturity. The product will also be listed on the SIX Exchange.

Manuel Dürr, Leonteq Securities Head of Public Solutions,  said in his statement, that the customers appreciate the possibility of choosing between a long and a short investment in Bitcoin.

“The initial feedback has been extremely positive. Clients do very much appreciate the possibility of choosing between a long or a short investment in Bitcoin.”


Digital currency products’ popularity is growing  among institutional investors

The launching of the new bitcoin futures products from Swiss companies increases the interest of corporate investors on real currency products.

Recently, US products market operator CME Group announced that it will introduce Bitcoin Futures product in the future. At the same time, New York’s early Ledger X is already offering live cryptocurrency futures trading on its platform.